Cascade Cart Solutions offers a full line of lifters that meet all the rigorous requirements of semi-automated collection systems. Cascade has numerous Rotary Actuator Lifter and Cylinder Style Lifter solutions that will satisfy any lifter application, be it side, front or rear loading. Our team will work with you to design a custom system to meet your current and future collection needs.

Rotary Actuator Lifter


  • Equipped with Helac® brand rotary actuator units for reliable performance
  • Pivoting upper saddle allows for easy cart attachment and reduces the shock associated with “whip action” when lift unit is shaken in the up position
  • Positive latch assembly requires no adjustment for maintaining the required ANSI container latch dimension
  • Multiple arm lengths to fit specific truck applications
  • Arms feature grease zerk fittings on most critical pivot point bearings to ensure consistently smooth operation
  • Parts replacement accomplished with hand tools — no torch or welding required

Cylinder Style Lifter


  • Designed to avoid being hit by the packing blade that would damage the faceplate, while still maintaining a 45° dump angle
  • No-lube spherical bearings reduce stress caused by uneven level loading surfaces and eliminate any need for dirt-attracting grease points
  • Exclusive breakaway feature eliminates damage caused by contact with objects on the ground
  • Pivoting upper saddle for ease of cart attachment and reduced “whip action”
  • Positive latch assembly meets ANSI specifications and never needs adjustments, as with typical competitive brands
  • Parts replacement accomplished with hand tools — no torch or welding required