Make your cart base management a whole lot smarter.

Knowing the daily challenge of locating cart assets, accurately tracking service history, and communicating with those in the field, we sought to create a smarter solution - one that integrates with the people, systems, and technologies already in place. CartLogic®, designed for you by Cascade Cart Solutions, is a web-based software solution for tracking, maintaining, and reporting on your entire cart base. Now you can see your cart data from production to the curb, and efficiently manage those assets throughout their useful lives.

Our newest release of CartLogic includes a free mobile app, so communication becomes easier, enabling jobs to get done faster, ultimately making your customers happier - faster. And it doesn't matter if you're big or small, hauler or municipality - CartLogic is ready to go to work for you.

This isn't just asset management - it's cart base management with a higher IQ.

CartLogic allows you to manage cart service and location information using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, GPS systems and cloud computing. Each time a delivery, swap, repair, or removal is made the cart’s RFID tag is scanned (or a serial number is entered) and the cart's location and type of service provided is recorded, generating a service history log for each cart in your inventory whether in the field or at the yard. This information synchronizes with CartLogic's cloud-managed platform, storing all cart inventory data conveniently online.



CartLogic Devices

Your cart inventory and service information will be:

  • Managed in one place
  • Available in real-time from anywhere through your preferred Internet-enabled device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone)
  • Accessible to multiple employees within your team simultaneously
  • Automatically compiled into downloadable electronic reports to increase inventory transparency and account for services rendered
  • Cloud-managed, allowing us to bring you data security and automatic updates without hard installation of hardware / software or scheduled maintenance downtime

It's time to recycle all those paper-based reports and streamline your operations. Without the need for hardware or software installation, Cascade can get you started with CartLogic right away!

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