Collection Data Management

One of the greatest benefits of the CapturIT® System is the generation of information and data management.  The collection data can be used to increase landfill diversion through implementation of recycling and PAYT programs.  Safety issues can be reduced through real-time data gathering of driver behavior.  Routes can be optimized real-time through data analysis, which subsequently leads to increased productivity.  And customer satisfaction can be increased by allowing you to ensure that operations are performing as anticipated. 

Specifically, the CapturIT System can provide the following data management:

Collection Verification

Using live vehicle tracking and GPS, pick-up collection can be verified with time and GPS coordinates.  Each pick-up can be identified by a GPS location and matched against billing records to assure that service is being billed.  In addition, any customer discrepancies can be handled by proof of pick-up and addressed appropriately in a timely fashion.  When the pick-up is verified, the data can also be used to measure recycling participation and implement PAYT programs.

Custom Reporting

A variety of custom reporting is available depending on your specific management goals. From household participation to driver behavior to landfill diversion, we can create custom reports that address the objectives of your business.

Back Office Software

CapturIT back office software is the gateway to managing customers, routes, vehicles, reports and accessing all collection information from your onboard system.  The architecture of the application allows for easy access to data in CVS, Excel and XML formats, and easy integration into your existing billing, back office or route management applications to enable you to leverage any existing investments in technology.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Resolve customer requests simply with access to vehicle & collection records
  • Manage routes or import directly from your existing Route Management solution
  • Dispatch pick-ups on the fly, in real time
  • Send and receive on screen messages to your operators
  • Integrate your existing mapping technology simply to leverage your existing GIS data
  • Easily access a wide array of reports or build your own management reports