Live Vehicle Tracking: GPS & RFID

With our CapturIT® Onboard Systems, live vehicle tracking allows you to not only monitor truck and driver behavior, but also to improve customer service and productivity. GPS provides the ability to track the location of the truck at any time during the route. With the combination of GPS and RFID technology, we are able to record each collection event, as well as give you the ability to document an explanation for non-collection. Reconciliation of actual pick-up data with billing records ensures that you’re getting paid for service being provided. The benefits of using this system are as follows:

  • Pick up verification with time and GPS coordinates
  • Identify all pick-ups by GPS location and assigned RFID tag
  • Real-time accurate feedback from the field to optimize productivity
  • Identify service problems immediately and improve customer satisfaction
  • Track the driver collection progress to route completion
  • Monitoring and mentoring of safe driver behavior, reducing driver training required
  • Implement programs such as recycling participation and T.H.R.O.W