Container Tracking: RFID Tags

Cascade Cart Solutions provides a variety of container tracking options to suit your needs, helping to bring visibility to your operations.  Our Xtreme Tag® line of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are rugged, one-piece encapsulated RFID inlays that stand up to the harshest of environments, making them the most durable and reliable tags on the market.  From residential carts to commercial containers, we can provide you with a complete line of tracking options to help you effectively manage your assets.

With the right container tracking solution, managing your assets and making your business more efficient has never been easier.

Our Xtreme Tags have been designed to withstand the harsh environments associated with the waste and recycling industry while meeting the read performance expectations for these specific applications.  We manufacture the only single-piece, fully encapsulated RFID tags on the market, which meet the highest IP (Ingress Protection) rating for water, dust and impact at an IP rating of 69K. Incorporating RFID tags in your commercial container and residential cart inventories allows for:

  • Assigning a refuse or recycling cart and its data to a specific location/customer, which provides a detailed history of ownership, location, and repair so you can monitor the cart asset over its entire useful life
  • Generating data on refuse and recycling participation rates
  • Determining your community's landfill diversion tonnages
  • Measuring your route efficiency

We use handheld RFID scanners in conjunction with our Xtreme Tags to implement data driven, smart assembly and distribution, as well as to manage the assets in a Service Center.  With the use of handheld mobile readers, we are able to provide you with the following types of information:

  • Linking a  container to a customer location using RFID technology
  • Providing GPS coordinates of the container delivery location
  • Tracking service history of the container, including repairs, exchanges, and removals
  • Ability to take a photo with the scanner
  • Flexibility to export data from the handheld into your existing systems

Learn more about CartLogic® here.

Every ICON series cart Cascade manufactures is now a SmartCart®, equipped with our encapsulated Snap-In RFID tag. Any injection molded cart can be made smart with our Xtreme Tag® Retro, which easily snaps into place under the lip of your cart without the need for tools; and our Xtreme Tag® Metal is ideal for use on commercial containers.

We have a rugged RFID tag solution for any of your collection containers...

  Snap-In Xtreme Tag Retro Xtreme Tag Metal
Container Type Cascade SmartCarts® All Injection Molded Carts Commercial Containers
(FEL, REL, Grease)
Read Range 15 feet 14 feet 10 feet
Frequency Ultra High Ultra High Ultra High
IP Rating IP69K IP69K IP69K
Attachment Snaps into the rim, or can be riveted Integrated clip provides easy attachment, without the need for tools or unnecessary labor Attaches with two rivets or screws
All tags comply with RFID standards: EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C
All tags tested in an A2LA Accredited Laboratory