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Save Time, Resources & Money Procuring MSW Equipment

Cascade Cart Solutions is a National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) Awarded Vendor, meaning government and non-profit agencies can save time, resources, and money by purchasing Cascade products - savings your local government can dedicate to other solid waste and public works department initiatives. Competitively bid and awarded, Cascade's Recycling Solutions, Equipment and Services cooperative purchasing contract with NJPA allows us to bring sustainable recycling products, technology, and service solutions to NJPA member communities across North America.

Now you can satisfy your bidding requirements and take advantage of lower procurement costs through cooperative contracting!


  • Cooperative contracts are becoming increasingly popular at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • It allows member organizations to aggregate volume of specific commodities to achieve lower pricing than they could have on their own.
  • Cooperative purchasing delivers significant time efficiencies in terms of bid & contract development.
  • Avoid the timely & costly bid process.
  • Broad base of member experience ensures development of RFPs for the products and services that are most relevant to the membership.
  • Purchasing agents & buyers realize a tremendous time savings when a contract development process has already been conducted by a cooperative.

Contract#: 041217-CEI (Previous Contract #020613-CEI)
Category: Waste & Recycling
Description: Waste Collection and Recycling Related Equipment
Maturity Date: 07/07/2021

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What is NJPA's primary purpose?

Among other things, NJPA creates national cooperative contract purchasing opportunities and solutions on behalf of its members which include all government, education, and non-profit agencies nationwide. These cooperative contract purchasing opportunities present both time and money savings for their users by consolidating numerous individually prepared solicitations to one cooperatively shared process and by the aggregation of demand from members nationwide.

Who is eligible for NJPA membership?

Eligible members include any unit of government, education (private or public), or non-profit agencies nationwide.

How much does it cost to participate in NJPA?

There is no-cost, no-obligation or liability to join or participate in the NJPA contract purchasing program. There are no minimum contract purchasing requirements or commitments for members use of NJPA contracts.
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