The EcoCart® from Cascade Cart Solutions is an eco-friendly waste and recycling collection cart that contains up to 50% recycled content. With the same cart dimensions and specifications as our ICON Series carts, we manufacture the EcoCart to create a container that has high recycled content, exceptional durability and a high quality finish.

With the EcoCart, recycling has come full circle. By making carts with recycled content, we are helping to put back what's thrown out, increasing landfill diversion and enabling cities to meet their sustainability initiatives.


  • Process: Co-Injection molded, providing product uniformity
  • Material: Up to 50% post consumer resin
  • Assembly: Quick and simple, no tools required – snap on wheels, axles and one piece lift bar (composite or steel)
  • Durability: UV stabilized and designed for optimal compatibility and functionality with both semi and fully automated lifter systems, including a wear strip to permanently protect the bottom of the cart from abrasion
  • Design:
    • Solid: Black
      • 50% Recycled Content
      • Capacity: 35, 64, 96 Gallon
    • Swirl/Recycled: Blue, Grey, Green
      • 40% Recycled Content
      • Capacity: 64 and 96 Gallon
  • Performance: Easy handling, excellent balance between stability and maneuverability
  • Warranty: 10 years