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Why Automation? Why Carts?
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Cascade's ICON Series is a symbol of excellence for residential carts in curbside waste and recycling collection programs. Our carts have performed in the industry since 1989, and are compatible with ANSI approved semi and fully automated lift systems. Backed with a 10 year warranty, Cascade’s carts are built for safety, compatibility, and performance.

With the ICON Series from Cascade Cart Solutions you will get a product that is designed for exceptional performance, durability, and functionality. The ICON Series is available in three sizes: 35-, 64-, and 96-Gallon (Universal and Automated).

Every  ICON Series cart is now a SmartCart® outfitted with the Xtreme Tag® brand of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Xtreme Tags are encapsulated, rugged RFID tags designed to withstand harsh environments and function in a wide range of temperatures. Whether you’re looking to implement technology at this point or not, the ICON Series cart comes with the infrastructure in place to take your program to zero waste.


  • Process: Injection molded, providing product uniformity
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin, making our carts 100% Recyclable
  • Assembly: Quick and simple, no tools required – snap on wheels, axles, and one-piece lift bar (composite or steel)
  • Durability: UV stabilized and designed for optimal compatibility and functionality with both semi and fully automated lifter systems, including a wear strip to permanently protect the bottom of the cart from abrasion
  • Design: Available in 20 standard color options, with hot stamping and the industry's largest in-mold labels to display your custom branding and communicate program instructions for waste and recycling
  • Performance: Easy handling, excellent balance between stability and maneuverability
  • Warranty: 10 years


Every cart shipped out of our facility contains recycled content. We incorporate recycled content into our products to reduce material consumption, working to create a closed loop system where products are recycled at the end of their useful life and made into something new. The use of recycled content in our carts is comprehensive, as we maximize the recycled content used without impacting the appearance or durability of the cart. 

For an even more eco-friendly cart option, visit our EcoCart® page.


  • Cart Art: Manufactured literature hook under the lid, custom cart colors, hot stamping, and the industry's largest in-mold labels allow you to...
    • Communicate waste and recyling program instructions to your customers
    • Display your company or city logo and serial numbers for traceability
  • Data-Enabled: Manufactured with a RFID tag, these SmartCarts® allow you to...
    • Assign the cart to a specific location
    • Generate data on waste and recycling participation rates in your community
  ICON Series 35 Gallon Cart ICON Series 64 Gallon Cart ICON Series 96 Gallon Cart ICON Series 96 Gallon Fully Automated Cart
Width 19” 24” 26” 29.5”
Depth 23.75” 27” 34.5” 38”
Height - Lid to Ground
37.5” 41.5” 46” 44”
Height - Cart Only
35” 38.75” 43” 43”
Wheel Diameter
8” 10” 10” or 12” 10” or 12”
Axle Diameter  5/8” 5/8” .844” .844”
Axle Length 17.5" 20" 23" 23"
Carts Per Stack
7 9 9 10
Carts Per 53’ Truck
840 720 522 530