Retro RFID Tag


Now every cart can be SMART.
Any age. Any brand. Anywhere.
No tools necessary.

Cascade offers the only ruggedized retrofit RFID (radio frequency identification) solution in the municipal solid waste industry. You can upgrade your current carts with our Xtreme Tag Retro at the curb while you service, meaning you can start your community's path to zero waste today. This RFID tag allows you to modernize without replacing your cart inventory. Making your carts smart is the first step in truly understanding what's happening at the curb.

No tools or fasteners required for installation, since the Retro’s clip engages the cart's surface to provide a robust attachment, minimizing labor costs for implementing your cart tracking solution.

Xtreme Tag Retro

Begin collecting participation rates and reducing waste now. It's as easy as... Snap. Scan. Service.

  • The Xtreme Tag Retro snaps under the lip of your cart with its specifically engineered interference spring clip providing a tight lock fit
  • The tag is then scanned with a handheld RFID reader and assigned to an address
  • Once properly cataloged in your database, the cart can be serviced as usual and participation rates and weights can be collected with appropriate truck hardware and software

Once your cart base is smart, incentivized recycling and pay-per-tip programs such as Cascade's Know What You T.H.R.O.W program can be implemented with ease.

Let us help you modernize your cart program today, call 1.800.968.2278 or email us for a quote.