Program Design

In addition to providing services associated with our cart products, Cascade can help you design and implement waste and recycling programs based on your specific goals and objectives. With the use of our Xtreme RFID Tags and CapturIT® Systems, we can provide the platform for programs that increase recycling, improve driver and route efficiency, bring Pink Carts to your community and pave the way for pay-for-service models such as our T.H.R.O.W program.

Whatever your specific objectives, we will work with you as partners to create the right program using the right products and technology.

Know What You T.H.R.O.W™

Pay-for-service models such as Cascade's Tip-based Household Reduction of Waste (T.H.R.O.W) program are gaining momentum as they provide an incentive for residents to recycle more, and dispose of less to avoid costs. For example, the City of Grand Rapids, located in West Michigan, undertook such a challenge, transitioning from a manual collection bag & tag refuse program to a fully automated collection, cart-based, volume based pay-for-service program. Cascade helped the City transform its solid waste management system by designing and implementing a revolutionary prepaid program using Cascade Carts outfitted with Xtreme Tag® RFID technology, and CapturIT onboard systems. Through this award-winning program design multiple benefits were realized, including:

  • Accuracy and visibility of collection program data and customer database
  • Cost savings
  • Decreased waste generation, increased recycling tonnages
  • Improved efficiency and route optimization
  • Simplified billing, with multiple payment methods
  • Increased safety

For more information on ROI, estimated savings, recycling tonnages and route efficiencies, read the complete case study here.

Increased Recycling

CapturIT onboard truck systems can help you better manage your recycling program to increase participation and recycling tonnage rates. CapturIT systems capture collection data providing participation information which can be utilized to more efficiently target recycling outreach and education to increase participation rates and ensure clean material streams.

CCS_RFID_Retro_SmartCartRFID Retrofitting

Any injection molded cart can be smart using our Xtreme Tag Retro. Our team can organize and execute a retrofit program to enable your base with RFID (radio frequency identification) technology on the street, providing the basis for future waste and recycling collection programs. Looking to enable more than just your cart inventory with RFID technology? Cascade has the most comprehensive container tracking product portfolio in the industry.