Smart Container Management

Cascade Cart Solutions has the products, technology, and services necessary to help you analyze the life cycle cost of your containers by tracking every time the container is moved, swapped or repaired. Whether you have a base of Cascade SmartCarts® or need to retrofit your carts with RFID technology using our Xtreme Tags®, we can scan any cart for identification. Once the container has a unique identification number, it can be tracked throughout its useful life for service history, thereby giving you a complete view of associated costs.

Using CartLogic®, our web-based software, we provide SMART assembly & distribution, assigning a container to a specific address, measuring its activity and then providing ongoing information on your cart base. You will know where each cart resides, as well as its management and maintenance history. This software allows you to generate and analyze the data, and provides you with customized reporting.


  • Easily accessible
  • Maintain appropriate levels of container and component inventory
  • Verify customer database
  • Create custom reports to analyze efficiencies in your business
  • Pinpoint container, driver, truck and resident problems that may be occurring

Cascade Cart Solutions can provide container management for your business by establishing a Service Center at your location. We provide all services associated with managing the containers – servicing, repair, delivery, and work order fulfillment.