Cascade Cart Solutions is an industry leader in technology and innovation. In 2003, we were the first cart manufacturer to permanently in-mold barcode labels into carts so these assets could be managed and accounted for in the field. In 2006 we developed encapsulated, rugged RFID (radio frequency identification) tags that remain functional throughout the lifetime of the container. Today, every cart we produce comes embedded with a RFID tag, so that when you’re ready to employ more technology, the infrastructure is already in place, waiting to be used.

In addition to a complete line of RFID tags, we’ve created a full portfolio of hardware and software solutions that directly address the challenges in the municipal solid waste and recycling industry. Whether you’re interested in live vehicle tracking, collection verification, measuring recycling participation, innovative solid waste management programs, or improved customer management we’ve got the customized solution for you.

Our Xtreme Tag® brand of RFID tags and CapturIT® brand of technology solutions will help you to improve your operations, increase customer satisfaction and stay one step ahead of your competition.